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Skinny Turkey Panini

Recipe By: Rudi's Organic Bakery

Posted: February 02, 2016

Contains: Dairy, Gluten, Meat
Servings: 1
Recipe Difficulty: Quick & easy


  • Rudi's Organic Bakery Jewish Light Rye bread
  • 4-6 slices organic turkey
  • 2 slices Swiss Cheese
  • 3 leaves butter lettuce
  • 1 tablespoon apple butter
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil

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  1. Assemble the sandwich with turkey, cheese, lettuce, and salt and pepper to taste
  2. Spread a thin layer of coconut oil over each side of the sandwich
  3. Using a Panini press or two heavy skillets, cook the sandwich for 1-2 minutes on each side
  4. When cool enough to handle, spread the apple butter on the top half of the sandwich