Baked on the Bright Side

DIY Gifts For Everyone on Your List

December 9, 2015

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or you’re just in the giving spirit this season, we’ve got some great ideas for gifts you can make yourself.

Washable Sharpie Mug

Use oil-based sharpie paint pens to decorate a mug for the coffee or tea drinker in your life. It’s a simple process, and a great way to personalize a gift. All you need is your mug (or plate, bowl, cup, etc.), paint markers, masking tape, and a pen or pencil to trace your pattern. Check out the full instructions here:

Sugar Scrub

A DIY gift classic, we couldn’t leave this one out. It’s all natural and only contains a few ingredients, and the best part is you can customize it to be any scent and color you (or the recipient of your gift) want! Most of what you’ll need can be found in your kitchen, like sugar, coconut oil, and food coloring. You will also need some essential oils and a mason jar to store it in. The possibilities for scent and color combinations are endless, but we love this holiday peppermint version!

Homemade Treats

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with homemade treats! You can make something you know they love, or try a new recipe that will knock their socks off! We love the idea of homemade turtles, a chewy, chocolaty, crunchy candy that no one will be able to resist.

Mason Jar Recipe

Mason Jars are a staple for many DIY projects because they are functional, inexpensive, and easy to decorate. Try putting a special hot chocolate or cookie mix in a mason jar and dressing it up with ribbons, glitter, a homemade note, and anything else you can think of! Some great ideas here:

DIY Picture Frames

A framed picture can be a meaningful gift, and decorating the frame yourself can make it even more special. Pick up an inexpensive frame anywhere you choose and get creative! Here are a few ideas we love.