Baked on the Bright Side

Active and happy through the holidays

November 24, 2014

Now that cold weather is kicking in, we all may feel a little sluggish and slow as our bodies are going into “hibernating” mode. We’re eating a little bit more, staying inside a little bit more, and not staying as active as we were during the summer months. With the holidays coming up however, many of us are eating more foods such as sweet treats and candy. Here are some tips to help balance out that extra piece of pie we probably didn’t need.

1. Tack on an additional 10 minutes to your normal workout each day 

2. Start your morning off on the right foot: Take your family out for a fall hike. Not only does it get the whole family up and moving, but it allows for some nice quality time that is rare these days

3. Proper clothing makes a world of a difference: Were you really active with swimming and biking during the summer months? With the right layers on, winter workouts could seem just as delightful.

4. Try something new: Try taking on a new sport such as snowshoeing or skiing to help make your workouts more fun!