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Winter Gluten-free Wonderland for Kids!

January 18, 2012

Well gluten-free followers the days of semi warm afternoons and brisk but sunny walks are over, I must say here in Boulder, CO winter is here for good.  Now as much as I miss the sunshine and longer day’s, winter does bring some pretty special and yummy occasions for good food and fun times! What is your favorite winter tradition?

Here at Rudi’s we have been brainstorming some fun ways to make kid friendly gluten-free foods for winter! Here is a great evening desert activity for the whole family!

Rudi’s Gluten-free S’mores




-Rudi’s Gluten-free multi-grain bread


-Start a fire in your fireplace and have the kids trek outside to find some long sticks (or use coat hangers)

-After reviewing fire safety requirements with your kids roast up your marshmallows in the fire!

-While the marshmallows R roasting put a few pieces of toast into your toaster

-cut the bread in to 4 pieces and smash the marshmallow in between the bread slices but not before placing a piece of chocolate on top!

-Enjoy with a glass of milk or milk alternative, snuggled by the fire with the family!

Looking for some other fun winter activities? How about a gluten-free pizza night with all winter veggies? Have the kids been out in the snow all day- How about a make your own peanut butter and fluff sandwich?

Keeping kids interactive in the kitchen helps them learn why it is important to eat certain foods, especially when your kid is eating gluten-free!  We encourage you this winter while the kids are cooped up inside to invite them into the kitchen to come cook with you! Who knows what will become of it- we hope something tasty!

Happy Winter and Gluten-free eating,

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