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Where did the month go? This weeks GF Roundup!

January 27, 2012

Happy Friday Gluten-free followers! Can you believe that the month is almost over? How R those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? If you are looking for a little inspiration to keep in check be sure to check out R facebook page in February for some revolutionary fun resolution boosts!

In the meantime however here are some great articles, tips and tricks to keep your gluten-free living a happy and healthy one in 2012.

Looking for a little celebrity gossip for the water cooler? Check out these 16 celebrities with Food allergies or intolerances! Nice one Huffpost Healthy Living! Not to be confused, living gluten-free is in NO MEANS a fad! Gluten-free is for life! Just like Rachel Jones reports in the “The News,” Its not a faddy diet its very serious and its for life!

Are you transitioning into Life after Gluten like this article talks about? What do you think about your new life sans gluten? Let us know how you are feeling?

Have you heard about the New School Lunch Rules? Read all about em in this New York Times article. How do you think this will help/not help R gluten-free eaters?

Looking for the latest hot new food trends? Check out Easy Eats magazine and read about why Coconut sugar is the next agave!

We here at Rudi’s wish you the BEST gluten-free weekend! Happy Gluten-free eating!

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