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What I Ate Gluten-Free Wednesday!

October 19, 2011

Hello to all Glorious Gluten-free followers!  This Wednesday we will be playing another fun game from Peas and Crayons blog that links us back up into the blogger world called WIA(GF)W!

This Wednesday I am really trying to get my immune system up and running so I started my day off with a large bottle of water filled with Emergen-C!

Next it was time for some Gluten-free Oatmeal! I usually prefer to make the slow cooking GF oats but this morning I was a bit rushed so I went for the instant kind! It was still pretty delicious and definitely got my energy perked up for a busy morning at the office.

One of R friendly co-workers decided to take a break from work and bring us CANDY (Halloween comes early he says)! So my mid-morning snack was a SUGAR high!

For lunch I am stock full of fruits and veggies, salad and celery and peanut butter YUM!

Not to worry I saved a super soft banana (too brown to photograph!) and a slice of Rudi’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread for a snack!

What will I have for dinner I wonder…

Ok WIA(GF)W fans! Here is the 31 Days of Glorious Gluten-free Giveaways challenge for today! We want to know what you ate GF Wednesday! Post a picture on R facebook of your lunch, dinner or snack and enter to win a SWAG BAG that will make WIA(GF)W easy, fun and as always Gluten-free!

As Always, Happy GF Eating,


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