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Weekly GF Roundup, Thanksgiving Holiday Style!

November 18, 2011

Greeting’s Gluten-free Followers! Happy FRIDAY! With the Holiday less than a week away there have been so many Rudific posts and articles on the web pertaining to how to have a Gluten-free holiday! We want to share with you Rudi’s Roundup of knowledge and help! Thanks to all of the GF bloggers who have participated in giving fun and easy recipe ideas for the Gluten-free community!

This week began with a few articles on the obstacles to avoid gluten during the holiday season in the Montreal Gazette , as well as, an update on Athletes in the spotlight suffering from Celiac Disease posted by the NFCA.  Also in the news in Seattle was a Thankful Gluten-free article that explains the assurance of Turkeys being Gluten-free.

If you are looking for some Rudific Thanksgiving recipes the Gluten-free community is here to help! Looking for a few stuffing ideas? Check out Root Down Restaurant’s rudific recipe, after reading be sure to browse R Rudific recipe gallery! Also if you R looking for a GF desert head on over to GFLivingLA for a pumpkin bread pudding recipe! Need a visual for some cooking inspiration?  Watch Chef Dan of Renegade Kitchen make Rudific stuffing or watch how to make Rudi’s GF crostini’s with yours truly!

The Gluten-free community is here to help! Read in the Boulder Weekly about alternative thanksgiving ideas like using RUDI’S GF bread or stop by your local Whole Foods to pick up an allergy check list while shopping!

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As Always,

Happy Holiday Season GF eaters!


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