Baked on the Bright Side

We Love our Rudi's Gluten-Free Customers! A note from the consumer hotline…

July 28, 2011

Hi Tim,

First, thanks so much for the Rudi’s coupons! I should’ve started my wheat-free bread search with Rudi’s because the loaves are absolutely delicious. I hope the Marketing Dept likes this one as well:

PB&J sandwiches or cinnamon toast –
I can’t decide which of these I like the most.
Yet for months I’ve been without a tasty bread.
Because of a new allergy, wheat sends me to bed.
I’ve tried different wheat-free brands and have found
That many are not nearly as good as they sound.
Some loaves were gritty, bad-tasting, or hard.
My desire for bread could’ve been truly marred.
Then I tried one who’s taste and texture was just right.
My future with sandwiches suddenly seemed bright.
So when it comes to bread, I’ll admit that I’m snooty
Because now the only one I want is Rudi’s!


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