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Walking in your shoes: THE TOP TEN

August 4, 2011


-Here they are! I have been pondering these all day as I have been working away at my desk trying to narrow down all of the fun facts and bits of information I have learned over the past few weeks!  Enjoy!

  1. Question? If you have a question ASK the online GF community – the MOST supportive and information sharing group on the World Wide Web
  2. Focusing on eating modified gluten-free products is not the answer to creating a healthy gluten-free lifestyle.
  3. It is your responsibility to make sure items are Gluten-free.  Always ask vendors, waiters and friends if what they are serving is Gluten-free and if seemingly unsure check the ingredients.
  4. 8% of children have a food allergy that is 1 in 13 children in America!  The importance of creating access and resources to educators, parents and the general public about specifically gluten allergy is so important! (Gustafson, The Reporter)
  5. Sharing. Hosting a dinner party that is GF is an amazing way to share and learn about different food perspectives and experiences with friends and acquaintances!
  6. Variety! Because there are many products that people who live a Gluten-free lifestyle cannot consume varying the products we do consume is important.  Making sure to not stick to just a handful but, using a plethora of fruits and veggies is key!
  7. Gluten is in not just in food products! It is important to check the labels on all household items for gluten. This includes your toiletries, dish and washing machine detergent as well as makeup and perfumes.
  8. Have fun with your knowledge!  Having an allergy or intolerance to gluten forces us to be picky about what we eat.   Therefore our food habits are forced to slow down and we are made to really take account for what we are putting into our bodies to stay happy and healthy.
  9. Digestion.  Many people mistake lactose tolerance for what is really a gluten allergy.  It is really important to test out multiple types of food allergies before self-diagnosing a specific one.  
  10. Grilled cheese, peanut butter & jelly and pizza are all available foods to eat when in a pinch thanks to Rudi’s Gluten-free products!

Do you have any other important facts I should add to my list? I would love to hear them!

Make sure to check back next week as I begin my August Vacation Extravaganza!  I will be weighing in on the best techniques to be prepared and relaxed for all kinds of different kinds of summer getaways!

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As Always,

Happy Gluten-free Eating!


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