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Walking in your shoes: Gluten-free Getaway!

August 9, 2011

This weekend I decided to put my feet up and relax, that’s what weekends are supposed to be for right?  Well, after a few minutes of simply breathing in the fresh Colorado air and reading a few pages of my book I got very antsy! So instead of taking in the fresh air in my backyard, I decided to take a mini “vacation” up to the mountains and over to the creek.  I decided this would be an all-day adventure and I definitely would need water, snacks, lunch, a bathing suit and towel, hiking shoes, sunblock, a good book and some grooving tunes!

What R good and healthy Gluten-free foods to take on a “day-cation” such as this I thought to myself as I scoured my rather empty kitchen for my snack/lunch pack?  I usually would pack a large bag of trail mix, a sandwich wrap and perhaps some fruit or cookies.  Lately however I have been finding that it is very hard to find trail mix that is visibly (by ingredient standards) Gluten-free, so instead of buying trail-mix I made my own! I also had some dehydrated fruit (excellent for day-cations) and leftover Gluten-free pizza that I thought mayyy be a tasty treat to nibble on along my journey.

After putting everything in my pack, tying up my hiking shoes and filling up my water bottle I was off!  Throughout the day I nibbled on the trail mix and dehydrated fruit while I hiked and roamed the Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado.  After my brief “relaxing” hike I decided it would be fun to cool off by the creek.  By this point I was starving and my pizza idea worked! It was warm and toasty, a bit messy but tasted oh, so, good after a long day of hiking and sun! Who would have thought easy-peasy Gluten-free pizza would be such a good travel snack?

Overall I’d say it was a pretty successful “day-cation” but I must say I definitely was glad I had prepared all of those snacks.  I am currently really curious to hear from friends, readers, fans about what they do on their trips and what are the major hurdles to avoiding gluten foods.  I think being prepared is definitely a big part of gluten living but being prepared can also take a lot of work and not be very relaxing- how do you avoid the stress?

This week I will be investigating the trials and tribulations of traveling including airports and flying, being in a foreign country or in a new town with little GF options!

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