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Walking in your shoes: Gluten-free Dinner Party!

July 28, 2011

This weekend I am hosting a Gluten-free Dinner party at my house! I have been discussing different hurdles for Gluten-free living with my co-worker Alex and she suggested I share my Gluten-free experience with my friends, how exciting right?! There are a lot of details to think about when hosting a dinner party. First, there is the menu and in this case I have to think about preventing cross-contamination in a kitchen I share with 4 other people! How will my guests like my meal? And will they notice and/or complain that it tastes different because it is Gluten-free? I am thinking for my meal I will serve;

-Appertizers: Rudi’s Gluten-free Margarita pizza

-Entrée: Grilled veggies drizzled with olive oil, Rudified garlic bread on original Gluten-free bread and Gluten-free pasta with homemade pasta sauce!

-Dessert: Rudiculous bread pudding!

This is what I am tentatively thinking will be on the menu but depending on my ambition and amount of time the menu could change, not to worry I will definitely post the menu including the recipes for each next week! Most of my friends are very open to new food experiences but I have decided to refrain from mentioning that all of the food they will be dining on is Gluten-free. I think this will definitely bring a great twist for me as I prepare all of the food because I really want to see if they can see or taste the difference!

A short post today but looking forward to talking all about my Gluten-free dining party adventure this weekend, next week! Have you ever hosted a Gluten-free dinner party? What worked and what did NOT work? If you have suggestions I would love to hear them as I rush around cleaning the house, preparing the food and hosting my guests!

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As Always,

Happy Gluten-free eating!


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