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Top ten things to “double check” for your gluten-free Valentine!

February 13, 2012

Love is in the air and if your anything like me your sweet tooth is calling your name and you cannot help but day dream about what that special someone might surprise you with tomorrow on Valentine’s day!

But maybe you’re doing the planning this year and all of the gluten-free hurdles have seemed to have slipped your mind? Well we are here to help! Here is a list of the top ten things to not forget this holiday for your Gluten-free Valentine!

  1. Double check the restaurant! Are you going to a prefixed lover’s dinner? Be sure to call ahead and make sure there is a gluten-free option, that the chef is aware of cross-contamination and maybe even request to talk to the him!
  2. Going to a Valentine’s Day party with your gluten-free date? Bring a dish for your gluten-free friend, nothing says I love you like putting your date’s dietary needs first!
  3. If you are planning a romantic evening at home don’t forget dessert! How about this decadent gluten-free chocolate molten cake recipe from @The family chef? Chocolate is the key to many gluten-free eaters’ hearts!
  4. If you are looking for a creative and heartfelt gift on Valentine’s Day this year, head to the grocery store.  Why not buy your g-free lover 1 or 2 ingredients that s/he loves but will never buy for him/herself at the store!
  5. Want to keep it fun this Valentine’s Day? Host your Vday sweetie for a gluten-free pizza night! Pick up R pizza crust, some yummy toppings and a sharp knife! Before you bring your hubbie into the kitchen to get decorating cut her pizza crust into a heart shape!
  6. Need more gluten-free gift ideas? Here are a few! Gluten-free magazine subscription, gluten-free lotion and body soap gift basket, a new toaster or how about a Cuisinart griddler?!
  7. If you are on a budget this Valentine’s Day, keep it simple! Make homemade cards and gifts and make a dish that is filled with your love! Check out Ginger Lemon Girl for some great GF Valentine’s day recipe ideas!
  8. Ask! Not sure about a gluten-free gift idea? There are tons of online resources where you can ask the most knowledgeable gluten-free foodies about what to do!
  9. Have a busy day ahead? Why not celebrate Valentine’s day with breakfast in bed! Bring your darling dear a gluten-free breakfast with some hot coffee, a few pieces of R GF cinnamon raisin bread and a big kiss to celebrate the day!
  10. All in all being gluten-free on Valentine’s Day is no sweat! Your hubby just has to note a few things right? Hopefully a little bit of advanced planning will make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one!

Sending you all R best gluten-free <3 this week as we celebrate the MONTH of love!


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