Baked on the Bright Side

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Guide to a Make-Your-Own Sandwich Bar!

September 23, 2015

Instead of stressing over what to serve at your next get together, provide a build-your-own sandwich bar! This ensures everyone can safely eat something they like, and makes preparation and clean-up a whole lot easier.

Of course we suggest you include the classics, like lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., but this is also a great chance to get creative! We love the idea of a DIY grilled cheese bar with assorted cheese and a Panini press at the end. Trying to slip in more veggies? Make a build-your-own Caprese station with fresh tomatoes and basil leaves! Include a build-your-own salad station for even more customized flavor.

A build-your-own is also a great option for burgers and sliders, and you can make sure there is no cross contamination between Rudi’s Gluten-Free hamburger Buns and traditional hamburger buns. This works for tacos, hot dogs, burritos, anything you want! It allows all your guests to enjoy the meal regardless of their diet, because there is something for everyone!


  • Allow people with dietary restrictions or allergies to build their sandwiches first to reduce the chances of cross contamination
  • Make sure you have separate serving utensils for each topping you put out
  • This is a great idea for kids birthday parties! Everyone can have a sandwich they like and no one will feel left out due to food allergies
  • Set out dishes with yummy sandwich spreads like honey mustard, garlic aioli, hummus, and chipotle mayo
  • Include a fun build-your-own ice cream sandwich bar for dessert!