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Q&A with Craig Franzblau of GlutenFree G

April 5, 2011

We are starting a new Q & A feature with our gluten-free friends .  Every Tuesday on the Baked on the Brightside blog we will feature a Q & A interview with a gluten-free blogger or a Rudi’s gluten-free friend.  There are a lot of interesting people and stories out there, and we want to share them!

Q&A with Craig Franzblau of GlutenFree G

1.        Tell me your name and a little bit about yourself.

My name is Craig Franzblau aka The GlutenFree G.  I have been a diagnosed Celiac since 1997 when my world changed, but … for the better. I consider myself lucky to have been sick and medically diagnosed by a G.I. for only a year and been given the opportunity to have had an entire food education in my early teenage years. Managing my diet, learning about natural food alternatives, questioning the food put in front of us (by a family member or waiter), analyzing product packaging and deciphering through marketing clutter is something we should all be comfortable doing as a consumer in our era.

2.        How long has it been since you (or your loved ones) have enjoyed bread?

I occasionally eat [gluten-free] bread and consider it a treat, toasted typically.  Bread was a magical invention, it’s sooo good, but it’s not something we should really be eating every single day. But like most foods as long as we eat it in moderation our body and mind will reap the benefits.

3.        What has been the hardest part about not being able to eat bread?

My cravings for bread are managed by expectations put on myself. It’s important to shop for the week or two in advance as well as prepare foods for a few days in advance. My snacks are in the pantry and my meals are relatively planned ahead of time. My [gluten-free] bread is typically frozen to last longer, defrosted slice by slice and slightly toasted for meals. But that’s just my style.

4.        Has there been any unexpected benefit to not being able to eat bread?

When you avoid eating certain complex carbohydrates, despite being from healthier grain alternatives you feel healthier, leaner and wiser.  [Gluten-free] bread is a comfort food that, for me, results in a nice, filling sensation. But feeling full of this nature means you may have over ate.  Just remember, you are what you eat. Your health, in most part, is up to you so stay in tune with your body and every food and drink and even activity you are involved in.

5.         Please include your blog address/Twitter handle, or any sites you would like us to link to.

Visit my Blogger: for periodic GF product reviews, news and recipes as well as my Twitter: @GlutenFreeG for more real time relevant and credible GF news and updates. I blog, but I do not spam blog, so you won’t see updates every single day from me or multiples times of the day. Come by and check in on what is going in my gluten-free world.

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