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Month of Rudi's Gluten-free Love!

February 6, 2012

Hey Gluten-free followers! This month is the time of year to really show your love! Rather it is love for your hubby, your kids or LOVE for YOU we think it is the perfect time of year to celebrate being gluten-free and loving life! Did you set an ambitious new year’s resolution and have you stuck to it? Way to go! We LOVE how determined and proud our gluten-free followers are to stick to their resolutions and continue to live the good-life, gluten-free!

This month we will be spreading a whole lot of LOVE to R gluten-free followers! While I cannot reveal just yet wh

at R Rudi’s team is up to, the big reveal is a mere hours away!  How will you be spreading the love this month?

Will be creating cute valentines day cards for all of your friends like these?

Hosting a Gluten-free tea party and making gluten-free tea-sandwiches?

Participating in R month of LOVE by posting your favorite heart warming recipes here (or making recipes like this)!

How much LOVE can you share this month? We have a LOT to share so stay tuned for heartfelt recipes, stories and fun with Rudi’s Gluten-free.  Be sure to check out R facebook page and twitter feed!

Happy Gluten-free LOVE!


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