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Healthy Gluten-free You, Healthy Gluten-free Life!

January 23, 2012

As the last week in January dwindles to an end and your gun-ho attitude pro healthy-glutenfree-all or nothing resolution fades behind busy schedules and snow days we want to remind you, don’t lose your focus! Take a step back, rewrite those resolutions and push forward! R goal this year is to provide support for R followers for 365 days in 2012 and we think you should take that challenge to! Be there for YOURSELF every day. Take time to step back, breathe and think about where you are and what you are doing gluten-freely for yourself today!

Looking for inspiration? When in need of a little boost, to reset your gluten-free intentions look to your community! If it is simply reading a few aspirations from the 100,000 Aspiration website or linking up with a gluten-free friend to cook up something such as a Rudific recipe from Adventures of a Gluten-free mom.  Find the time and a way to make this day a healthy, gluten-free one!

We R really excited for the month of February as we get ready to launch R resolution revolution campaign and embrace the Rudific followers that we have and hopefully bring some new ones to R bread as well!

Enjoy some pictures that we thought could bring a breath of fresh gluten-free air to your day! We R proud to support the gluten-free way and aspire to help those in search of something better than good, gluten-free bread!

Ziggy Marley NonGMO Benefit Concert!

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SanFrancisco - The city by the bay!

Carrot Love!

Boulder Marathon! Are you in training?!

JOY! A image sent to 100,000 Aspirations!

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