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Walking in your Shoes: Gluten-Free Adventures, Part II

August 12, 2011

This week I took some time to look into Gluten-free options in areas of towns, cities and countries that do not offer any Gluten-free alternatives or non-gluten foods.  It really got me thinking about traveling adventures that I have been on and what I would have done if at that time I was in fact allergic to gluten.  The most prevalent trip that pops into my mind was my 3 month stay in Indonesia.  In my head, recovering the types of foods that we ate I really think it would have been hard to stay away from gluten and also cross contamination.  While the main staple there is rice almost everything is fried and the sanitation of cooking utensils is really not a major priority to most of the locals. But what if you were there, what would you do?

One of the most important things I found when traveling in a foreign country with an allergy is learning how to say, “I cannot eat that, I am allergic (in the most polite dialectic possible)!”  I am highly allergic to mangoes and this was one of the first things I learned to say upon entering the country.  Next there is the topic of what to eat if you have allergies! The best thing to do is definitely find a local grocery or convenient store and when you go bring your dictionary! By scouring the isles of grocery store you will be able to familiarize yourself with what products you can and cannot eat as well as identify what many of the common (in this case) gluten words are used when discussing or examining gluten products.  It is also a great idea to purchase some of the foods that are familiar and you know are non-gluten.  This way you can always have something on hand to eat or prepare in case you are unfamiliar with the dining atmosphere.  It is important to note however that washing fruits and veggies with a special veggie soap and clean water in many countries such as Indonesia is extremely important so do not forget to do this!

Following these guidelines wherever you are traveling is very important. Even in Europe where gluten has become a very familiar and important topic in food diets, every countries ingredients and customs are different from ours! Therefore being extra careful and familiarizing oneself with gluten-free options and terminology is still key to gluten-less traveling extravaganza!  Traveling with Rudi’s Gluten-free bread is also not such a bad idea either, make sure to throw some in your pack before leaving the States!

What has been your favorite trip this summer? Next week RUDI’S is featuring a Gluten-free giveaway, win by posting a picture of a Gluten-free adventure that you have been on this summer on our facebook wall– including our bread or a yummy meal is optional but highly recommended!

No new recipes this week, but we have posted ALL of the recipes from our Unbelievably good recipe contest in the recipe section so definitely check it out.

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Ps- I will be guest blogging next week on “When All Else Fails Smile!

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