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Friday!!! A GF Weekend is here!

February 24, 2012

Happy Friday Gluten-free followers! This week has flown by and after President’s day, Mardi Gras, a huge wind storm and a small snow shower, today finally the skies are blue in Boulder and the weekend is upon us! This week has continued to rouse up a lot of discussion about gluten and how it is effecting R all of R lives! Check out these articles to weigh in on the trends, statistics and facts about gluten!

The WebMD measures Fad vs Facts on gluten in article: “Gluten Sensitivity Fact or Fad”

The Boston Daily dose considers the worth of glutenfree products: “Are Gutenfree Products a Waste for Those Without Celiac Disease”

And lastly R own local newspaper the Boulder Daily makes the cut with “The Great Gluten Debate”

What do you think about all of this chatter? Gluten is a REAL issue and we fully support R followers but we also always welcome comments and opposing opinions!

Looking for some fun new GLUTENFREE ideas? Check out these posts and articles:

Raisin Bread pudding with Rum Sauce!

Gluten free beers to try!

We have been having SO much fun spreading the GF love on facebook via  R glutenfreebies giveaway we would love it if you would give us some LOVE back and vote for us on the Triumph dining “Best of Gluten-free 2012 awards”

Have a great GF weekend!


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