Baked on the Bright Side

Free Family Fun!

September 4, 2015

Family outings can be a hassle, not to mention expensive. Here are a few ideas for activities that the whole family will enjoy that are FREE! 

Have a picnic

This is an easy way to make lunch (or dinner) a whole lot more special without spending any extra money. The location is the best part! A park with a playground is always a great choice, or you could check out a local beach or lake. Even setting up a blanket and basket in the backyard is a fun way to spend the day for everyone.

Go for a Drive

Start by choosing your destination, maybe a park or hiking trail that you’ve never been to before. We suggest keeping it under an hour each way because kids in the car for too long tend to get restless. Be sure to pack snacks and coloring books or activity books, and make a playlist or CD with your family’s favorite songs so you can all sing along!

Themed Potluck

Having a potluck is a great way to include extended family and friends, and setting a theme makes it even more fun! Pick anything you want; breakfast for dinner, a finger food feast, or even a luau or tailgate theme. You can even put up some homemade decorations and let your kids dress up to match your theme to make it a real party!

Backyard camping

A tent and a few sleeping bags in the backyard = camping made easy! Make some microwave s’mores, tell ghost stories, and learn to make shadow puppets and it’ll feel just like camping (plus, you always have the option to sleep in a bed J)

Make a music video/family movie

This is perfect for kids who love to ham it up on camera. Use a smartphone or camera to film the kids singing and dancing to their favorite songs, and then use a simple editing program (most computers have some form of this pre-installed) to add fun effects. It’s a great way to make family memories and make cute home videos you can save forever.