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Gluten-Free FALL FUN!

September 27, 2011

Hello to the Gluten-free World! It has been a while since I have written but I have been loving having guest blogger posts and interesting stories especially from Jennifer Corbin-Carson!  We have been busy here at Rudi’s preparing for a slew of awesome events and of course, October is Celiac Awareness Month!  As we prepare for Celiac Awareness month I also am beginning to realize that the holiday season is literally JUST around the corner.  Rosh Hashanah starts on Thursday, Halloween is in a month and before we know it the leaves will have completely turned, snow will be looming in the shadows and Thanksgiving will be here!  Now I am trying not to get TOO carried away just yet but fall is definitely my favorite time of year.  Beautiful weather, spicy-fall gluten-free cooking and so many celebratory occasions!

As the seasons have been changing it has been a bit tough to make the transition from summer cooking to fall stewing (and I must admit I am not quite there yet!) but last night I was fully inspired to make this delicious tempeh curry recipe from 101 cookbooks blog! It was SO delicious and I am pumped to eat the leftovers for lunch today*. I took a picture of my leftovers for lunch today but it does no justice!  I served the tempeh curry up last night with a piece of R original GF bread which soaked up the yummy sauce so well!  Also on my “list of things to cook because it is fall” is acorn squash – I found this really great recipe on Happily-Ever-Healthy that I cannot wait to try.  I am also definitely going to be cooking lots of pumpkin this month, another great recipe on my mind here from Women’s Health Magazine and also Franny Cakes – so much to cook it is a very exciting time!

*note I changed the recipe a bit and used steamed cauliflower instead of potatoes and used Fayeh Greek yogurt instead of crème fraiche and it turned out just delicious!

As I prepare myself for the holiday season I have decided to make a commitment to really try and focus on having a healthy, allergy free fall.  There are so many holidays that it is easy to get off track but I think that if you are prepared and ready to tackle such times as Halloween with a healthy, gf attitude you can really enjoy the holiday season. So CHEERS to Fall! Make sure to get out and enjoy the last bits of the warm sun kissing your skin, scoop up any last summer veggies you can find and get excited for many fun fall features to come (like the GF Dallas Expo this weekend)!

Stay tuned for a fun and exciting post about thoughts on my favorite fall foods and a great review of GF candies!

Rudi’s is excited to hear about your favorite, healthy fall recipes as well as tips and tricks to GF holiday eating!  Reach out to us! Post an idea or comment on Facebook or Twitter!

As Always, Happy Gluten-free Eating,


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