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Easy Gluten-free Holiday! St. Pattys Day!

March 14, 2012

Well Gluten-free followers, you are in luck! Corn-beef and cabbage is a naturally gluten-free food.  Along with carrot and potatoes this is one great and easy holiday for you gluten-free eaters! What is your favorite part of St. Patty’s day? Is it cooking up a traditional Celtic meal to share with your overwhelmingly large family or is this your opportune weekend to try every Gluten-free beer made in honor of the celebratory cause?

Any way you cut it St. Patricks day will bring lots of green to your town this weekend and no matter how you celebrate this holiday it should definitely spark some festive spring activities in your home! How about starting the day off right with a Green Smoothie?

Check out Gluten-free Cat for some great smoothie options! Then after getting your favorite green attire on lunch could be a little cabbage soup or maybe a split pea soup sounds a bit more appetizing. Here R some great recipes and ideas from Gluten-free goddess!

Best of GF Luck to ya!


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