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Easy Eats Online Magazine! A Gluten-free, Healthy Living Magazine Worth Reading!

January 16, 2012

Easy Eats just published the 3rd edition of its gluten-free online magazine and we here at Rudi’s R loving it! In September of 2011 Easy Eats began publication of a online magazine which focuses on eating gluten-free and living a healthy lifestyle always from a positive perspective.

By bringing together gluten-free recipes, stories and important lifestyle suggestions Easy Eats produces a magazine that is definitely worth reading!  Some of the unique features of being a strictly online magazine are that Easy Eats can offer interactive features such as videos and links while also maintaining a virtual recipe gallery that subscribers are encouraged to browse through.  You can access the magazine on your laptop or via the Easy Eats App for iphone and ipad users!

In the most recent edition of the magazine, Easy Eats interviews gluten-free runner extraordinaire Peter Bronski in an article titled “How to feel Like a Champion.” This article shares Bronski’s diligent but realistic points of view on how to feel healthy and be happy.  An inspiring story with vivid pictures, helpful tips and realistic suggestions brings the reader full circle in attempting to explain the best way to live your gluten-free life!

We think Easy Eats magazine is a great read and offers a unique opportunity to try new recipes right from the comfort of your computer!  For only 16$/year for a subscription you will be satisfied with your purchase!  Not only will you be dazzled in coupons this magazine encourages you to try new gluten-free recipes and you will always finish reading the magazine with a refreshed perspective on gluten-free living!

We definitely think you should check it out!

Get in on the Gluten-free goodness here:

Happy Gluten-free Reading and Eating!

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