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Down! Set! Hut Gluten-free Hut 2! HIKE! Gluten-free Football!

October 5, 2011

Greetings! On my last post I mentioned how much I loved fall and the holidays but one thing I did not talk about that is also a fall weekend staple is the FOOTBALL season! Sunday’s are always a day I look forward to because not only is it a day of rest but it is also a day of fun, food, football and friends!

So how do you tackle going to your favorite pub that hardly even knows what gluten means? Kimberly over at Gluten-free is Life suggests ordering a cider, wine or a gluten-free beer to start the afternoon off right- cider obviously is my favorite because it is SO FALL-ish! So step 1, seek out a tasty and fun gluten-free beverage.
Next if you do decide to attend a pub for the game be sure to bring your Gluten-free buns or hot-dog rolls (check out Jennifer Fugo’s blog to read how awesome R buns R)! It is a great idea to pop a ham or hot in your bag in anticipation of ordering a bun-less burger for your football meal! Problem solved Step 2. A mug of cider a bun-less burger and pull out your Rudi’s GF bun from your bag and voila – Gluten-free football done right!

Now attending a pub can be a fun afternoon but often I find being in the comfort of one’s own home, cooking up a GF football feast and inviting a few friends over is definitely a really exciting, safe (easy avoidance of any gluten contamination) and fun way to watch the game! Check out RunLearnRepeat and GlutenfreeRichmond for some awesome suggestions for snacks and appetizers for your gluten-free party! I also think that making some simple easy snacks like ants on a log (celery + peanut butter + raisins) or humus and veggies are two healthy, gluten-free snacks that take minimal time and are very tasty!

In celebration of Celiac Awareness week we will be hosting an awesome giveaway on R facebook page all about football next Monday! So don’t forget to snap some pictures (hint hint) of your Gluten-free Sunday (or Monday) night Football extravaganza!

We would love to know how you celebrate your gluten-free football Sundays! What are your favorite recipes and grilling ideas? Comment, Facebook or Tweet at us! We want to know what you think!

Stay tuned next week for more about Fall, Gluten-free and obviously FUN!

As Always,

Happy Gluten-free Eating!