Baked on the Bright Side

Delicious Fall Flavors (Besides Pumpkin)

October 20, 2015

From pumpkin spice coffee to pumpkin spice candles, there seems to be a pumpkin version of everything. Fall is a pumpkin lover’s paradise, but if you don’t count yourself among pumpkin lovers, we’ve got some foods that are just as yummy for fall! Check out our list below to get into the autumn spirit, sans the pumpkin.

Butternut squash

Creamy, savory butternut squash is a fall staple. It’s great in soups, sauces, or roasted in the oven with salt and pepper. We love to pair it with a little brown sugar and cinnamon for a fragrant fall treat. Check out our recipe for butternut squash soup here!


Caramel is delicious any time of the year, but we especially love it in the fall. Caramel apples, caramel popcorn, and salted caramel hot chocolate are just a few of our favorite treats of the season. It’s also a lovely, cozy scent to have around the house. Try a sweet caramel sauce drizzled over gluten-free bread pudding!

Cinnamon Apple

Apples are delicious on their own, but add a touch of cinnamon and you have next-level flavor. Crockpot or microwave cinnamon apples are an easy take on this fall favorite, and only require a few ingredients! You can also make a killer cider right on the stove! Try cinnamon apples in a pie, a crisp, or a crumble, or make a cinnamon apple breakfast treat with scones or muffins. This is a flavor you can’t go wrong with!