Baked on the Bright Side

Blueberry Infused French Toast With Banana Maple Syrup

August 5, 2011

By Amada Egan

Time to Prepare: 1 hrs 0 mins

4 servings

• Rudi’s Gluten-Free Original Bread cut in diagonals
• 3 organic eggs
• 1 tspn ground cinnamon
• 1tspn ground ginger
• 1 tspn ground cardimon
• 1 tspn ground nutmeg
• 1 tspn vanilla extract
• 1cup fresh blueberries
• 1 cup fresfh sliced bananas
• 1/4 cup milk /almond milk
• 2 tspns butter
• 1/4 cup maple syrup

Preparation Instructions:

Whisk eggs and all dry ingrdients, slowly add milk vanilla extract and whisk. Dip slices into batter and place on heated buttered skillet on uncooked side gently press bluberries into the bread turn and cook until golden brown. Remove and plce on platter.
In a seperate saucepan melt butter and brown banana slices until slightly golden add maple syrup and simmer slightly. Pour evenly over French toast.

Serve and Enjoy!!!!

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