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August 29, 2011

I am constantly learning new things about Gluten, how to categorize, different types of gluten reactions and what are the best ways, recipes and techniques to live your BEST life gluten-free. This I must say is my job! On a daily basis I have the opportunity to read SO many fascinating news articles and blogs about living gluten-free. Basically what I am trying to say is, gluten-free eating is so often on my mind and I still make mistakes about diagnosis, gluten-free foods and cross-contamination!
Where am I going with this you ask? As school gets back into the swing of things I have been talking with a lot of my friends who are teachers and they have been really eager to learn about how to avoid gluten outbreaks in the classroom. The teachers I discussed this with are not nutrition professionals and do not have any personal experience with gluten so sometimes as a parent (or as a student, nurse or school official) the best way to start is with the ABC’s of gluten.
A. There are many basic types of gluten intolerance’s, allergies and diseases. Kids with gluten issues need to be approached on an individual basis. Get informed on their specific needs. Research can be easily found on the internet but especially ask parents questions!
B. Gluten is in more than just food. Arts and crafts projects such as making paper-mache and using play-doh are wheat flour based products that can affect kids that have reactions to gluten.  Keeping areas that could contain gluten very clean is essential!
C. Snack time and Birthday treats. Always recommend that kids bring a snack that everyone can eat, send a note home with a list of “acceptable” birthday/snack treats OR request from parents a “alternative” supply snack team!
After doing a bit of research, for teachers sakes, I think these ABCs are the three most important issues that will need to be addressed via parent-teacher discussions. Here are also a couple of really helpful blog and article links that I used to collect this information and will hopefully help you understand and learn a bit more about kids with various reactions to gluten!

1. News article about lunch, snack and arts and crafts from the “Huntington-Woods Berkley Patch”
2. ADA takes a stand on Gluten from Blogger Glutenfreefern
3. The Savvy Celiac offers insightful information about gluten free classrooms
4. Arts and Crafts, the gluten-free way from Sure Foods Living
5. Jennifer Fugo is offering a FREE teleclass Wednesday September 14th sign up today!

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