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Ways to a Healthy Planet

April 23, 2014

We’ve been told over and over how important it is to keep our environment as clean healthy as can be! After all, we want our children, grandchildren, and any family thereafter to be able to enjoy Mother Nature as much as we have. With hope to further this effort (and to commemorate Earth Day!) we’re offering up some tips on how to make our Earth last lifetimes!


What you can do AT HOME:

  • Recycle: a lot of things you wouldn’t expect to be recyclable are! Check out a list of all things recyclable here!


  • Compost: instead of throwing all your ground coffee beans or apple cores in the trash, take an extra 2 seconds to walk out to the garage and throw them in a compost bin! Also, many waste management companies now offer services for composting.


  • Turn off lights: while this is quite possibly the mostly simple measure to take, turning off a light switch before leaving the room saves immense amounts of energy (and it’ll cut down the costs of your electric bill).


  • Plant a garden: nothing beats a home-cooked meal like having home-cooked vegetables to go with it! Growing your own food means that you don’t have to worry about the food industry pumping chemicals into your veggies and disposing of the waste improperly.


  • Use renewable energy sources/high efficiency appliances and cars: while a little more pricey than planting a garden, installing solar panels and/or purchasing a more efficient car can do wonders for cutting back your carbon footprint!


What you can do in your COMMUNITY:

  • Bike to work: instead of using fuel to drive to work or school in the summer, try taking a bike (or the bus)!


  • Support GREEN business: try finding companies in your area that are committed to going green and support them by using their product or their service(s) instead of another, more generic company.


  • Encourage others to follow in your path! Nothing travels faster than word of mouth, so by encouraging your friends and families to follow suit can make a HUGE difference!


  • TELL US: comment below or let us know on Facebook what we can add to this list to keep our home happy and healthy!