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Active and happy through the holidays

November 24, 2014

Now that cold weather is kicking in, we all may feel a little sluggish and slow as our bodies are going into “hibernating” mode. We’re eating a little bit more, staying inside a little bit more, and not staying as active as we were during the summer months. With the holidays coming up however, many of us are eating more foods such as sweet treats and candy. Here are some tips to help balance out that extra piece of pie we probably didn’t need.

1. Tack on an additional 10 minutes to your normal workout each day 

2. Start your morning off on the right foot: Take your family out for a fall hike. Not only does it get the whole family up and moving, but it allows for some nice quality time that is rare these days

3. Proper clothing makes a world of a difference: Were you really active with swimming and biking during the summer months? With the right layers on, winter workouts could seem just as delightful.

4. Try something new: Try taking on a new sport such as snowshoeing or skiing to help make your workouts more fun!

What To Do With All Of The Halloween Candy

November 4, 2014

It can be overwhelming when your children come home with a whole pillowcase full of candy and extremely excited about all of their earnings. What is the best way to let them have their cake and eat it too? Over the years, we’ve heard some good ideas and suggestions which seem to give children pleasure and satisfaction and we’d like to share those tips and tricks with you.

1. Each child gets to keep 1 piece of candy per their age. If they are 11, they get to keep 11 pieces of candy. On top of that, they get 1 piece of candy each day…not all at once!

2. Each piece of candy your child gives you to take, they will receive money instead to spend on a new book or a toy.

3. With your children, go to a donation center and donate the candy.

4. Make their earnings special – using one type of candy they like the most, work together to find a unique dessert recipe online and make a special dessert for the family to share.

PB&J Sushi

August 5, 2014



  1. Cut off the crust from both slices of bread
  2. With a rolling pin, roll out the bread until it becomes thin and flat
  3. Spread peanut butter and jelly on both slices of bread
  4. Roll bread up like a sushi roll. With a really sharp knife, cut the bread into little slices to imitate sushi


Optional pairing: Pair with yogurt, Annie’s Homegrown Organic Chocolate Chip Granola Bar, and kid-friendly chopsticks

Chicken Salad Wrap with Grapes



  1. In a large bowl, mix together the chicken breast, mayonnaise, and grapes
  2. Place mixture from bowl in the center of tortilla. Fold it like a burrito

Optional pairing: Pair with Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies, blueberries, and an Honest Kids Berry Berry Good Lemonade Juice

The Bee’s Knees Toasted Mac + Cheese Sandwich



  1. Heat a non-stick griddle on medium heat
  2. Spread ½ tbsp. of butter on one side of both slices of bread. Place macaroni and cheese mixture between the two non-buttered sides of bread and place on the griddle. Turn over after 5 minutes and cook for an additional 5 minutes or until bread is golden brown

Optional pairing: Pair sandwich with a garden salad, sliced strawberries and blueberries, and an Honest Kids Berry Berry Good Lemonade Juice

#RockTheLunchbox Twitter Party August 5th!

August 4, 2014

Join Rudi’s Organic Bakery, Annie’s Homegrown, Organic Valley, Applegate, and Honest Tea for a #RockTheLunchbox Twitter Party on August 5th! From 1-2 PM ET, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks for packing school lunches, providing inspiration to spice up the lunchbox, and hosting some tasty giveaways! Don’t forget to keep your eye out for some questions we’ll have for YOU as well. Simply follow #rockthelunchbox on Twitter and get ready for loads of lunchspiration!

Who: Rudi’s Organic Bakery, Applegate, Honest Tea, Organic Valley, and Annie’s Homegrown

What: #rockthelunchbox Twitter Party

When: August 5th 1-2 PM ET