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Hello Philly! Rudi’s Gluten-Free attends the NFCA’s Appetite for Awareness

September 27, 2012

Talk about a fun weekend! Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery stepped out of Boulder for a couple days and made our way East to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I love that city so much and was lucky enough to have lived there when I was younger so I am glad two things I love were able to finally meet.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) hosted Appetite for Awareness in Philadelphia, September 23rd, and had an amazing turn out of over 4,000 people! We were so happy to share our new Gluten-Free Tortillas with the Celiac community in Philly and from what we heard it seems like the feelings were mutual!

  • “I love how it is soft, the other brands are too hard and you cant really make a wrap or roll it.”
  • “So much better than the other brands.”

    Photo from “Since you asked…”

  • “The fiesta is delicious, I love the flavor!”
  • “Where can I find this, I never see it in my area?”
  • “Mom you have to get this for me!”
  • “Where can I get this, I am going to get some today?”
  • “Soooooo Good!”

Quesadillas were made on the fly all day long to feed the hungry Expo goers and lines were building constantly to try our yummy new products:) We made quesadillas from all three of the Gluten-Free Tortilla Flavors, Fiesta,Spinach, and Plain. All were a huge hit but the quesadillas with our Plain Gluten-Free Tortillas were more sought after more than the rest.

If you are looking for any of our Gluten-Free products please visit our store locator page to make it easier for you, just click the “Where to Buy” tab with the yellow orange van at the top of this page!

We love Philly and can’t wait to come back!!

Gluten-Free Go To Grub

September 25, 2012

From working with Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery I have realized how difficult it can be living a gluten free lifestyle. Of course the obvious things are a hassel, like not being able to have bread, but it is much more than that, gluten is everywhere and in everything. Personally, snacks are what get me through the day. I am not a three big meals kind of person and if that is how you are then I am here to help!

Baked Sweet Potatoes- It’s that time of year for the hearty veggies to come out. When getting ready for the day I wash and chop up a sweet potato, drizzle with some olive oil and generously cover the pieces with cinnimon. Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees and you will be a happy camper all day while snacking on these:)

Almonds- I am pretty boring when it comes to nuts, I don’t seasoned, salted, or roasted. Just a handful of raw almonds keeps me full of protein and healthy fats so I say energized at work and school. Plus they have no prep time, you just put them in a bag.

Trader Joes- Hello heaven. Trader Joe’s has loads of cheap, healthy, gluten free snacks. Other natural food stores do as well but Trader Joe’s typically has them at lower prices. If you are close to a TJ’s be eternally grateful.

Cucumber- My roommate recently showed me her favorite treat, peeled and sliced cucumber with lemon and salt. It’s delicious! I munch on them like I would chips but it is so much better for me and tastes equally as good if not better!

Larabars- These are amazing grab and go bars. They have few ingredients and all very healthy. They are gluten-free and come in mouthwatering flavors like chocolate chip brownie, carrot cake, apple pie, and lemon bar.

Celery and peanut butter- I like to chop up my celery and put them in a bag then in a separate ziplock bag I scoop in some peanut butter. When I am ready to eat them I cut off one of the bottom corners of the peanut butter bag and squeeze the peanut butter on the celery. It’s mess free and super convenient, plus add some chocolate chips and kids will love it too!

These are most of the snacks I like to eat. Some of them do require prep time but I don’t mind that if it means a full and happy stomach all day:) I also have an array of chopped fruits and veggies in my fridge at all times in case I am caught off guard so that I can stay prepared. Happy snacking!

-Grace, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Gloria Duy's Gluten-Free Tacoritos

Gluten-Free Tacorito Casserole

(Beef enchilladas with a creamy mushroom-cheese sauce)


1 lb ground beef
1 pkg of Rudi’s gluten-free flour (Plain or Fiesta) tortillas
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 8 oz pkg mushrooms, chopped
1 Tblsp canola oil
3 Tblsp butter
2 cups milk
3 cups shredded cheddar cheese
¼ cup rice flour
1 cup GFchicken stock and 1 cup water (or 2 cups GF broth)
Spices: salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder
Lettuce, shredded
In a large pan over medium heat melt 1 Tblsp butter in 1 Tblsp oil.
Add 8 oz chopped mushrooms
½ large chopped onion
½ tsp each salt , pepper, onion powder, garlic powder
1 tsp each cumin, chili powder
Saute until cooked down and golden brown, it takes about 10 minutes.
Add chicken stock and water, simmer about 15 minutes.
In a small pan over low heat melt 3 Tblsp butter.
Add ¼ cup rice flour and cook for about 2 minutes, stirring constantly. It will turn slightly golden.
Whisk in 2 cups of milk, simmer until thickened.
Turn off the heat and add 1 cup shredded cheese.
When mushroom mixture is done add this milk mixture and set aside while cooking meat.
OPTIONS: In place of this sauce you could use a can of GF cream of mushroom soup with the above spices added. If you are not a mushroom lover, leave them out of this recipe, double the onions and make the sauce the same way.
Brown 1 lb ground beef with ½ chopped onion, 2 cloves minced garlic, 1 ½ tsp cumin, 1 tsp chili powder, ½ tsp salt. When the meat is completely cooked through add 1 ½ cups of the reserved sauce and stir to combine.
Slightly warm the 8 flour tortillas in the microwave. Lay them out on the counter and add shredded lettuce, meat filling and 1 cup shredded cheese.
In a 9 x 13 pan or glass dish place a small amount of the sauce, enough to cover the bottom. Roll the tortillas and filling, placing them in the dish with the fold down. Cover with the remaining sauce. Sprinkle with the last cup of cheese. (You may refrigerate it at this point if you are making it ahead of time).
Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes until hot and bubbly. Serve over shredded lettuce. Garnish with any toppings such as chopped tomato, salsa, sour cream, etc.
Note from Gloria:
Do not be alarmed by the length of this recipe! I went to a lot of trouble to make my directions easy to follow and in sequence. It is so delicious that you will be glad you tried it. If you Google Tacorito you will find a million recipes, some have red sauce, some white, some soup. There is a famous restaurant in Denver that make a dish like this. I have seen home copies of it that contain cups of lard and stuff. The Mom version that was very popular about 20 years ago called for a can of cream of mushroom soup. When I went GF the soup and the flour tortillas were out so I never made it again. When I tasted Rudi’s delicious flour tortillas for the first time this is what came to mind. Of course my old recipe is long gone, but I tried to make it from memory. I think this one is way better. Just follow my directions step by step and you will be fine! This is a great make-ahead party dish.
If you haven’t found Rudi’s tortillas yet ask the stores that carry Rudi’s bread. I am ADDICTED….they told me…the first one’s FREE.

Recipe from Gloria Duy, be sure to check out her yummy Gluten-Free Blog GlutenFreePoodle!

Move it, Mundane Meals!

September 20, 2012

It is creeping to the end of the week but the excitement of Friday has not hit yet. I know it is about this time every week when I get lazy with what I am eating and the thrill I usually get with cooking turns to more of a hassle or chore. Working long days knowing that I have hours of homework ahead of me makes it even more difficult to get the motivation to make something fun. Pledge with me to make lazy cooking a thing of the past- HELLO THRILLING THURSDAY!

Making meals for one is a lot different to make exciting as opposed to making a meal for nine (which is the size of my family). So, to make a meal exciting for me when I am away at college normally involves a new or rarely used ingredient. Last night I made a Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Dairy-free Pizza. I used a portobella mushroom cap that I seasoned with garlic, basil, and Italian seasoning and roasted in the oven. Then I sauted onions, tomatoes, and basil in a pan on the stove. Once it was all finished and smelling amazing I poured the tomato mixture over the mushroom and broiled it all to crisp it up a bit. This play on pizza was just enough excitement to get me going!

But in all honestly, you can never go wrong with pizza when you need some boost- at least homemade pizza. Grab some Rudi’s Gluten-Free Pizza crust and set up a pizza bar with your family. Have everyone make their own, with a variety of toppings and sauces this will turn cooking from a chore for one person, to an activity for everyone. And on top of it all no one will complain about not getting the pizza they want, happy kids=happy moms. Another great dinner activity is a Taco night, anytime where each person can choose what they want and the meal becomes interactive is a sure way to beat the bores. Luckily, Rudi’s also has a Gluten-Free Tortilla, hang those tortillas over the racks of your oven at 350 to make a flat bottomed taco shell!

To keep things mixed up my friends and I always do dinner on Thursdays, we switch off who hosts every week and it is always a ball. This gives everyone a chance to show off their “chefpertise” and we go to a different house each week. Last week was my turn so I went to the grocery completely unprepared with an hour before my friends arrived. I went straight to the fish mart and checked out the salmon, my favorite meat in the world. After chatting off the ear from the friendly gentleman helping me, he suggested a Moroccan marinade that was his personal fav. Fun Fact: Most of the time the people at the deli and fish counter will have free seasonings premixed and ready to go if you just ask. He gave me a couple packets and sent me on my way. From there I grabbed a spinach and arugula mix, almonds, and feta. The finished product:  A baked Moroccan salmon with a spinach and arugula salad and feta quinoa, I think it is safe to say there is nothing boring about that dish at all.

New ingredients, interactive meals, and dinner parties?! There is no excuse for a wimpy cop-out meal on a Thursday again. Keep food fun, don’t let the long week take away the enjoyment of cooking.

-Grace, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery

End of the Summer Seasonal Vegetables, by Guest Blogger Paul Biscione from Food Living and Everythinge Else

September 18, 2012

I know I sound like a broken recoded where my friends and clients are concerned when it comes to me saying “eat seasonally and locally.” There are so many reasons why I say this all the time. Ayurvedic principals are certainly one of them, but more importantly is that they are healthier.

And when it comes to end of the season vegetables, the supermarkets are a great place to go, but the farmers markets are an even better choice. Rows and rows of beautiful brownish-red and orangish-green tomatoes, bright yellow squash and multicolored eggplants, all transforming the local farmers market’s aisles into a warm earth toned still life painting. Besides the beauty of it all, shopping at the farmers market at the end of the summer is one of the best times to load up on vegetables to add to your diet, as they are super delicious and very cheap…I bet you like that “cheap” part. Yes, fresh whole vegetables tend to be pricy at times, and especially when you are buying organic. So being able to buy bunches of them and not break the bank is truly a great thing.

If fresh tasting, beautiful to look at and affordable is not enough to get you motivated to take a trip to your local farmers market, then try this on for size. Vegetables that are picked at the height of ripeness are loaded with way more nutrients that your standard supermarket variation. This is because vegetables that are picked specifically for the supermarket are typically not local and are picked before they are fully ripened. As they have not reached that peak of ripeness, they are not as mature and therefore not as nutritious. The reason they are picked before full maturity for supermarkets is so that they can make the long trip from California, Florida, Kansas (or wherever), to the big supermarket chains without spoiling so they can continue to look great many days later when you first see them in the bins. Basically, they are picked to be transportable over nutritious. Needless to say, once picked from the vine the growing process has stopped. This is another reason why when you go to your farmers market you see larger vegetables with deeper more vibrant colors, as they pick their veggies at the peak of ripeness.

And here is another fun fact; once a vegetable is picked from the vine it starts to go through a process called, respiration. This is a process in which the vegetable starts to break down the stored organic material (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) which leads to a loss of nutritional value.

So here is the easy breakdown:
Local fresh produce (from a farmers market) = more nutrient dense food in every bite. The bigger, cheaper and nicer to look at stuff is just a bonus of shopping at a farmers market over the nutritional aspect.

Now of course you need an idea on what to do with all these veggies now that I made you buy truckloads of local seasonal produce. Personally, this time of year I am a tomato shopper and I do love making a nice oven baked tomato sauce; super sweet, oniony, loaded with garlic and thyme and with that can’t miss oven roasted flavor. I still find it amazing how something so simple can yield so much incredible flavor! Here is how to do it…

Oven Roasted Tomatoes (using grape tomatoes):


  • 3 pints of Grape Tomatoes (or cherry tomatoes); cut in half
  • 1 small Onion; quartered and separated
  • 2 cloves of Garlic; made into paste (tips below recipe)
  • 4 sprigs of Thyme; left on the stem
  • 3 to 4 tbsp. Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 400°
  2. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and coat evenly
    (adjust for salt and pepper to taste)
  3. Bake for 35 minutes until they are lightly browned

How to use: you can use this for a marinara sauce by adding the tomatoes to a saucepot after they are roasted and simmering them for about 15 minutes to liquefy. Or you can use one large serving spoon full (or ladle) of the tomatoes, throw them into a pan with the equivalent of one bowl of already cooked pasta and toss to coat and heat through (this is my preferred method).

Yep, it was that simple. This method will yield exactly what I have in the picture. If you are going to use this for a simple marinara sauce, then add the smallest amount of salt possible when roasting, as most of us add Parmesan cheese to our pasta and cheese by itself is salty. Incidentally, you can use this same exact method to make tomato soup. Just roast off the tomatoes and put them in a large saucepot when they are done, add a small amount of liquid and grab that submersible blender you have that you have been dying to use to blend it into oblivion…voila, fresh tomato soup.

Garlic tip: mashing the garlic after you have chopped it makes it into a paste. This is great for oven baking as garlic tends to burn fast and this prevents that from happening. To do this, just mince your garlic and then using the flat back of your chef knife with the blade facing away from you, pull the flat blade across the cutting board. You can add a pinch of kosher salt to help pulverize the garlic into paste.

Also shown in photos is zucchini and bell peppers oven roasted. To do this, follow the same instructions but add 10 more minutes of baking time.


Healthy Xpectations, Health and Wellness

Food Living and Everything Else

Welcome to Gluten-Free Sugar Addicts Anonymous, by Guest Blogger Jennifer Fugo

September 16, 2012

Yep, you read the title correctly, I’m talking to the many undercover gluten-free sugar addicts out there who have yet to acknowledge that their problem is real.  And even though this is supposed to be an “anonymous meeting” of personalities, I’ll introduce myself…

My name is Jennifer and I’m a gluten-free sugar addict.  Though I was a sugar addict long before I went gluten-free in 2008 because of an intolerance, going gluten-free only made the problem worse.  Perhaps it is my ‘natural’ love of pasta and bread stemming from my upbringing in a traditional Italian-American household or that my father has a love of ice cream sundaes or that my relatives always had an abundance of candy and italian pastries to share.  ”Manga, manga”, they’d say (‘manga’ means ‘eat’ in Italian).

After hitting rock bottom about 3 years ago, my relationship with sugar became a paramount issue that I could no longer ignore since Adrenal Fatigue set in.  Extreme exhaustion was only one of the many symptoms with which I struggled along with yeast infections that I never seemed to have before as well as an unruly gut that no amount of eating the way I was supposed to (meaning gluten-free) seemed to fix.

The worst part of it all though was the psychological impact of it all.  At the ripe ol’ age of 29, I couldn’t function the way that a normal 29 year old should.  Obsessively vigilant about my gluten-free food, overwhelmed from a hectic and over-scheduled life, and frankly, tired of missing out on the sweeter points of my diet pre-gluten-free, sugar and sweet treats seemed like the perfect escape.  I’d have cookies for breakfast, a banana for a mid-morning snack, leftover gluten-free pasta dishes for lunch with chocolate for dessert, another chocolaty indulgence at my mid-afternoon energy crash around 2 or 3pm, and then I’d top the day off with my favorite gluten-free vegan brownies at 10pm.  My entire diet was shackled to sugar, fix after fix, nibble after nibble, splurge after splurge because in those moments I felt like I wasn’t restricted or unable to ‘eat like a normal person’ again.

Despite the toll that all of this took on my body and mind, I didn’t want to remain a prisoner to sugar. So I sought out help because I knew that no matter how much good nutrition information I had, I couldn’t walk this road alone.  Tests confirmed my adrenal issues (which I still deal with today to a certain degree, believe it or not) and a holistic practitioner found that candida (aka. yeast) was wreaking havoc in my digestive tract upsetting a delicate environment already compromised from my wheat-eating years.

With a very difficult and highly restrictive plan in place, I began a month of sugar and refined carb cleansing with the help of my team of practitioners. The experience changed my life from that moment forward.  Certainly there were triumphant moments coupled with lows so deep I would have given up if it weren’t for my supportive husband, but in the end, I found success in ways that I would have never guessed:

  • I got my taste buds back! Eating so much extremely sweet food prevented me from being able to enjoy the subtler tastes of ‘healthier’ foods.
  • I could wake up on my own without an alarm clock at 6 am every morning feeling ready-to-go!
  • I found and harnessed the willpower to be able to turn down dessert (wow!) and understand what the better meal and snack options were to avoid more cravings.
  • I got back in the driver’s seat of my diet!  I learned to read the food labels on products and have the awareness to easily mind serving sizes.
  • My digestive system quieted down so that I barely ever noticed an issue anymore.

And those are just the top 5 that I consider to be the most valuable to living a healthier gluten-free life.  The other benefits are ‘icing on the gluten-free cake’!

Now you might be wondering how this all happened… how did I (and you) get here… addicted to sugar even though a gluten-free diet was supposed to fix everything.  It’s quite simple actually and I’m going to share with you the top three reasons that gluten-free folks just like yourself are craving (and ultimately eating) things that you know you probably shouldn’t.

1) Your ‘Restrictive’ Gluten-Free Diet Mindset

When you’ve got to go gluten-free, naturally it’s an overwhelming process.  You get so stuck in the “I can’t eat this anymore” mentality since your attention focuses solely on what you can’t have.  This means leaving out a ton of great foods that you can and should be eating.

I get it though… to maintain the most ‘normal’ status quo, you swap out the glutenous versions of favorite meals for those gluten-free options.  As this still feels restrictive (because it is), you seek out and consume any and all gluten-free desserts that make those ‘restrictive’ gluten-free meals seem not so bad.  You can eat dessert and thus you will eat it because you want it and it makes you feel normal, right?  Top this off with the fact that you are busy and probably don’t have a lot of time to shop, prepare and cook food like a culinary master, you also seek out convenience.

But a problem presents itself… the convenient Standard American Fare that you know isn’t so healthy… isn’t any healthier simply because it’s gluten-free.  Many of the gluten-free treats are even starchier and higher glycemic than their glutenous versions.  It doesn’t mean you can enjoy them here and there, but not at every meal and snack.  The constant influx of sugar and starches wreaks your gut and increases your sugar addiction, period.

2) The Season of Sugar

If you aren’t familiar with the time of year we are now entering, then let me introduce you to what I like to call the “Season of Sugar”.  Halloween candy is already out. Next Christmas and Hanukkah treats will line the shelves for months. Not long after you’ve finished off all your gluten-free cookies and treats, Valentine’s Day ushers in it’s heart-shaped chocolates.  Then St. Patty’s Day will give us more green and shamrock-inspired goodies and round it all out with one last candy bang called Easter.  You will spend nearly the next eight months being inundated with sugar in one form or another. Eight long months of being wooed at every check-out register, every grocery store endcap, every party, gathering or evening out and every walk into the office breakroom or snack table.

What’s worse is that sugar has somehow managed to make it into all of our favorite holiday dinner foods as well!  Cooking carrots?  Add brown sugar.  Making sweet potatoes?  Add organic juice and sugar.  Love cranberries?  Add some hyper-sweetened cranberry sauce to your plate or some dried ones to your grain dishes.  Want a handful of nuts?  Don’t forget the honey-roasted kind!

You get the picture.

3) Your Sugar Devil

Whether you’ve met this little guy or not, we all have one.  If you used to watch the Simpsons, you may recall an episode wherein Homer is fighting with himself to do something.  Then poof!  There appears a little angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other.  Both try to sway him toward their point of view and, as is the case with most of us, Homer’s devil wins out and convinces him to do something that feels good in the moment, but has seriously bad consequences in the end.

Sound familiar?  I believe that we each metaphorically have a little sugar devil of our own sitting atop our shoulder who has become quite excellent at wooing us into eating things that we know are bad.  This is the experience of many, including myself in the past, of the constant battle that happens over each piece of candy, slice of gluten-free cake or even the gluten-free pizza.  And when we finally give in, thinking that it’s just this one time and how whatever it is we’re eating will taste so good, there’s plenty of made-up reasons to keep us playing the role of victim within the confines of sugar addiction.

So how do you break free from all this?  You’ve got to make a different choice, just as I did.  When you’re ready to take back your sense of control, learn the commonsense knowledge about sugar and enlist the support to kick your sugar addiction, things will begin to change.  You’ll finally be the one calling the shots, supporting your good health for now and into the future, and eating the way you always knew you should, but could never figure out how.


Check out the upcoming Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse that Jennifer is leading this Fall starting 9/27.  It’s an online experience and community that will support you to kick your sugar addiction to the curb!  Read more at:


Jennifer Fugo, CHC

Jennifer Fugo is a certified health coach and the founder of Gluten Free School, an online education destination for gluten sensitive individuals to get the guidance they need to make the gluten-free diet stick.  She was named a “Gluten Free Guru” by Philadelphia Magazine & has appeared in many publications including CNN, Yahoo & eHow.

Jennifer is sought after expert for news contribution on healthy & gluten-free living as well as a speaker, avid blogger & yoga teacher.  Visit her on the web & sign up for her monthly newsletter with articles, classes & recipes at

Celiac Awareness Day!

September 13, 2012

Word is out at Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery today! Celiac Community, we are here to fully support you and help with spreading awareness and knowledge.

Celiac Disease is not very well-known in our society today, even though close to 3 million Americans have it. The reason it is so in the dark could be because only 5% of that 3 million is properly diagnosed. This is a terrifying thing because left untreated Celiac Disease can lead to diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer. One of the only ways to help ease this disease is by living a gluten free life. Rudi’s is here to help in that aspect!

Word of mouth is the quickest way to spread knowledge to the world! Common symptoms include:

-abdominal pain

-bloating and gas

-diarrhea and/or constipation


-poor weight gain

This is what needs to be spread so that the undiagnosed and misdiagnosed can get the help they need!

Along with making people outside of the community aware we also want to do something special for everyone within the community. Today we are giving away some Free Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bread, Rudi’s GF Magnets, and Rudi’s Reusable Canvas Bags! Go to our facebook page and enter to win one of these prizes by telling us what you are doing to celebrate today on our wall! Also, don’t forget to reference this blog when writing your fun post!:)

Facts were pulled from the Celiac Central Website, for more information go to

- Grace, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Rudi’s goes to Dallas!

September 11, 2012

This weekend was so great for Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery! We were extremely lucky to be a part of the Dallas Gluten & Allergen Free Expo and cooked up a storm for all those who came! Our signature dish for the day was a GF Quesadilla using each of our NEW Gluten-Free Tortillas! The Plain, Spinach, and Fiesta flavored tortillas paired with the Organic Valley cheeses were a hit for our fans!

Being surrounded by the thousands of gluten and allergen free people and vendors was a blast! If you weren’t able to go to one of the cities where it has already taken place be sure to try and get out to San Francisco in February so that you don’t miss out on all the fun!

Here is where you can find information on the upcoming expo and the past expos!

Thank you for all who came and showed their support!

Apple Arugula Wrap

What you need:

1 Rudi’s Gluten-Free Spinach Tortilla

1/2 apple

3 tablespoons of gluten free tzatziki sauce (usually is naturally gluten free)

1 1/2 cups of arugula

sprinkle of feta cheese

Slice the apple into thin chips, then add them into a bowl with the arugula and feta. Warm the Gluten-Free Tortialla in a paper towel in the microwave for 20 seconds to make it eaiser to work with. Once heated, spread tzatziki sauce over one side of the tortilla and pile the mixture on top. Wrap with care and enjoy:)

You can use more or less of everything depending on your taste preferences! Also, as a little snack later I sliced up the rest of the apple and dipped it into some left over tzatziki sauce, it was a perfect little treat:)

-Grace,  Rudi’s Gluten Free Bakery

Common Foods turned Gluten-Free

September 6, 2012

When you think of common foods, what do you think of? The top three I think of are Peanut Butter and Jelly, Pizza, and Quesadillas. Maybe it is because I am in college right now and those are all cheap options that us poor college kids eat daily! But regardless thanks to Rudi’s Gluten-Free Product line all of these extremely common foods are able to be Celiac friendly.

I personally like to change up the generic PB&J every once in a while and the other day when I was hiking around Geneva Lake in Colorado I opted out of jelly and chose peanut butter and honey instead. Use some of Rudi’s Gluten-Free Original Bread and oh man you have a perfect hiking and/or skiing sack lunch.

Pizza and Quesadillas fall under the same category for me as greasy guilt food. Honestly, what more could a college kid want? Celiac friends! You too can delve into these treasures:)

The other day I actually used cauliflower as a crust alternative and it worked out beautifully. All I did was grate the head of the cauliflower (about 1 cup), mix in an egg, 1/2 a cup of shredded Gluten-Free mozzerella, one chopped garlic glove, and some basil and oregano. Spread that pasty mixture on some parchment paper and put it in the oven at 450 for 15-20 minutes until it crisps up and you have a really yummy crust. Luckily, if you are in a rush or just don’t want to put in all that effort you can also use Rudi’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crust!

Lastly, the new Gluten-Free Tortilla line from Rudi’s really does change the world of Mexican food for Celiac and Gluten intolerant people. All three flavors are simply amazing and make for so many different options, I personally like the original for my quesadillas. If you use one tortilla, gluten-free cheese, some grilled chicken, black beans, and cilantro- mmm you will be in a very happy place.

Enjoy these simple yet so yummy meals this weekend, I know I will!:)

-Grace, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery