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Starts with a L, ends with a DAY. It's almost LABOR DAY!

September 1, 2011

Can you believe that summer is almost officially over? Labor Day is definitely a time to celebrate summer 2011 and what not a better way than to throw a BBQ? Over the past few weeks we have been talking, preparing and getting ready for the school year fear not this post will not mention school, fall or healthy lunches not once I promise! Today I want to work through preparations and suggestions for preparing a Gluten-free BBQ, so pull out your best whites for one last time, send out the invitations and hit the grocery store running because it is almost Labor, its CRUNCH TIME BBQ STYLE!
What are your favorite kinds of Labor Day BBQ parties? There are a few ways to approach a BBQ; preparing everything on your own, inviting a potluck or hosting a joint GF BBQ. My favorite type of BBQ is pot-luck style because of the element of surprise dishes (this can be very stressful as well!) But usually when I host a BBQ I request certain people to bring things I know they enjoy cooking and will be a reliable dish for everyone to munch on! A really neat idea I found while researching this post was to host a “virtual” BBQ where bloggers were assigned a letter of the alphabet to create a dish from. Check it out on Gluten free Gobsmacks blog ( there are also some really great recipe ideas featured here)! While this is a lofty a large task to host the whole alphabet a creative idea like this really will get your guests interested in bringing a fun dish!
While hosting a GF BBQ Potluck can be really festive and fun, as the host you still have a lot of work on your hands. It is up to you to decide if you will serve only gluten-free dishes or both! If you are going to serve dishes with and without gluten it is important to have separate serving dishes, utensils and grill space for the divided items! She Knows Food and Recipes has a great post about cross-contamination that you should definitely take a look at! Providing gluten-free condiments is also something you cannot forget, here is yet another good reference guide for GF sauces- when in doubt however, make it yourself!
This week in Boulder County it is EAT LOCAL week. I strongly encourage you to go to your local farmers market or food vendor this weekend to seek out the freshest tomatoes (ooh so good right now), corn, lettuce, eggplant, squash – I could go on forever! I just had the opportunity yesterday to learn all about R local food vendors and market as I had the opportunity to attend a Local Table Tour and see and meet all of these awesome vendors – thanks Megan for a great time!
Whatever you do this weekend, whoever you are with just remember, have fun, be happy and eat well! Summer never lasts forever but savor every last moment!!!
Happy Grilling EVERYONE from the RUDI’S TEAM!

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As Always,
Happy GF Grilling!