• Jennifer Norell

    I have a 3 year old who has celiac disease and an 11 and 7 year old who don’t. I would love to be able to buy a gluten free bread at Costco that the whole family would love to eat. I shop at Costco in Montclair CA every week.
    Please bring your road show to Southern CA. I would drive to the Glendora, Rancho Cucamonga, or Fontana store.
    I’m going to Sprouts in Claremont CA to try your bread. Sprout’s featured you as a new product they would be carrying in their March newsletter. I immediately had to see your website. I was so excited to see a Costco having an opportunity for gluten free bread!!! I’ll check back in tomorrow after I let the family taste your bread:)

  • Colleen

    I just got a loaf of your gluten free raisin at Fred Meyer yesterday and am in love!! I live in Everett WA (about 45 min north of the Seattle Costco) – so can you tell me if Costco is going to start selling your bread now or was it just at the Seattle store and JUST for the road show? I’d love to purchase it at my local Costco and not have to drive all over to try and find it!

    • mmeek

      Hi Colleen,

      We are in the freezer on a regular basis at the following Seattle area Costco’s:
      Woodlinville, WA
      Issaquah, WA
      Kirkland, WA
      Covington, WA
      Federal Way, WA

      • Colleen

        thank you! Woodinville is a 45 minute drive – so I’ll be heading there this weekend to stock up! Hopefully the Everett/Silverlake Costco will start soon!!

  • Rupy

    What about Costco locations in Southern California? Do they carry it yet?

    • mmeek

      Here is a list of Costco’s in CA that we are being sold in:

      2030 N. Imperial Ave El Centro CA
      1755 Hacienda Drive Vista CA
      4605 Morena Blvd San Diego CA
      101 Town Center Pkwy Santee CA
      725 Center Drive San Marcos CA
      12350 Carmel Mountain Rd San Diego CA
      895 E. H Street Chula Vista CA
      951 Palomar Airport Road Carlsbad CA
      8125 Fletcher Parkway La Mesa CA
      650 Gateway Center Drive San Diego CA
      2345 N. Mission City Parkway San Diego CA
      26610 Ynez Rd. Temecula CA
      29315 Central Ave Lake Elisinore CA
      12155 Tech Center Drive Poway CA
      1130 Broadway Street Chula Vista CA
      7803 Othello Ave. San Diego, CA CA

      Thanks for following Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery!
      – Maggie at Rudi’s

  • Tate

    What about Costco’s on the east coast? Specifically the NY/NJ area. Love Rudi’s gluten free multigrain!

    • mmeek

      Nothing confirmed yet, but our sales team is in talks with NE Costco’s. We are hoping to bring a road show to your area soon. Stay tuned…

  • Kimmore

    Do either the Tumwater WA or Lacey WA Costco carry Rudi?

    • mmeek

      Unfortunately we are not in those Costco locations (at least not yet!). We are in the following Costco’s in Washington:
      Woodlinville, WA
      Issaquah, WA
      Kirkland, WA
      Covington, WA
      Federal Way, WA

      Maggie @ Rudi’s

  • Jill Jones

    I love your bread…and now that my whole family is eating gluten free – I’d love it even more if I could buy it at Costco. I’m in Minneapolis and to tell you the truth, Rudi’s gluten free is pretty hard to find in stock at any of our grocery stores that are supposed to regularly carry it. Boo, hiss! Any plans for coming to the St. Louis Park, MN Costco????? Please! Please ! Please!

    • mmeek

      Let your Costco know you want us there! That is what helps us get into the Costco stores. If we could, we would be there. Thanks for your interest in Rudi;s Gluten-Free!

      Maggie, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery

  • Sarah

    I have been going through the exact same thing over the last few months and agree 100% I am a reformed gluten junkie who is now loving this new way of eating. And yes, spaghetti squash is now one of my favorite foods. Steamed broccoli is another :)