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Friday Roundup! Hooray for Glutenfree!

February 17, 2012

Over the past 3 months since revamping our weekly roundup I have REALLY noticed how the influx of news, information and access to glutenfree has grown immensely!  It is so great to see all of the colleges like Baylor University take on glutenfree as well as to promote awesome Celiac awareness event such as the one in Louisville on the 25th or the one this weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida! It is great to be a part of the glutenfree community and we are excited to continue to spread the good word about eating glutenfree and of course eating Rudi’s!

As colleges begin to demand for glutenfree in the dining halls, soup kitchens are also beginning to make changes in there gluten-free availability and services, check out what this Boston soup kitchen is up to!

If you are new to the gluten free world and are looking for more information about gluten check out this very informative article by Dr. Mark Hyman “Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes you Fat” or read NPRs latest article about the perks of baking without flour!

Are you interested in the rise of the local food movement? I have to mention this article featuring R VP Doug Radi and Allergy Kids founder Robyn O’Brien, “The Next Steps for the Local Food Movement“. Big things are going to happen in our food system and it is up to us to make the right change!

Have a Rudificily Glutenfreely weekend!


And don’t forget to head over to R facebook page to enter to win some Rudific Glutenfreebies!

  • connie simon

    Who says good has to taste bad..your products are really great tasting.

  • Pam Gross

    My printer will not print out any coupons after trying over a hour. I’m so frustrated with it. I think because it’s an older printer. Can you please mail me the coupons and any available samples to try before making a purchase. Thank you for your time and help.
    Pam Gross
    103 Mill Street
    P.O. Box 71
    Seven Mile, OH. 45062

  • Tighe

    Hi Pam!
    I apologize for the inconvenience. I will put a coupon in the mail today for you! Thanks!
    Rudi’s Glutenfree Bakery