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Best Gluten Free Restaurants In The U.S.

December 27, 2012

Eating out is a really fun treat to be able to do, but eating gluten free can inhibit your choices. There are a few restaurants that are well known for not only have incredible food but for also being gfree! Some of these places are frequently visited by people who are celiac, have gluten allergies, and even people that do eat gluten.

“1—Risotteria, NYC

New Yorkers are practically stabbing and murdering each other to get into this major gluten free Italian spot that refuses to take a reservation. Chomp down on gluten free breadsticks, pasta, apple pie and wash it all down with gluten free beer. Forget you, carb free.

2—EVO Kitchen, West Hollywood

Sunset boulevard and gluten free. Try some of their beloved gluten free pizzas, brownies and beer.

3—Mariposa Ferry Building Bake Shop, San Francisco

Gluten free by no means takes all the fun out of bread. Witness here.

4—Help Yourself, Key West, Florida

House in renovated gas station (celiacs’ll get the irony of that) this is an adorable cafe that makes anything from Korean BBQ to Marinara to Humus Wraps to Thai to Lasagna in gluten free form.

5—Austin Grill, Washington DC

Tex Mex all gluten free!

6—Taco Deli, Austin, Texas

Austin’s a great little gluten free town and this authentic Mexican joint has enough awards to make it stand out from the rest.

7—S’mac, NYC

Gluten free mac and cheese. Enough said.”

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